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Artankara 3rd Contemporary Art Fair!


 My paintings are exhibited in ArtAnkara 3rd Conteporary Art Fair.  

Watercolor Exhibition in Malmö-Sweden!


 I had the opportunity to exhibit some of my works since 2015, at Spånehusvägen Festlokalet in Malmö / Sweden. Danish and Swedish art enthusiasts showed great interest. It was a cozy and amusing exhibition.

Demonstration in Malmö-Sweden!


My dear friend Johan Ramberg opened the doors of his gallery for a lovely event. Was a cold but sunny day and we did a nice demonstration together. Was fun painting together with Swedish artists. I also had the chance to present my works at the gallery with a small exhibition.

Exhibition in İstanbul. 

02 - 08 September 2016

My paintings are exhibited in Nisantasi Idil art gallery. Art enthusiasts showed great interest to ''Imagine'' and I was very pleased to see many teenagers that enjoy art.

My artwork in the"3th World art day exhibition"

25 May 2015 - 05 Oct. 2015

Mücella and Tamer Aşkan's VENUS Art Gallery organized the 3rd World art day exhibition. I have attended the exhibition with one of my artworks as i did the previous years. Mr. Macit Asyalı who now has this artwork in his collection, allowed the work to be exhibited. Art enthusiasts showed great interest to my work and the exhibition in general.

My artwork in the Sepa Gallery Exhibition

25 May 2015 - 05 Oct 2015

Ankara and Turkey`s one of the most respected Galleries, Sepa, has put together Turkey`s best artists in their respective styles together. In this exhibition where my works are presented to art lovers, you can also find the artworks of masters such as Adnan Turani, Avni Arbaş, Eşref Üren, Fikret Otyam, Mustafa Ayaz.

My artworks in the Sepa Gallery and Lily Agius Gallery


I have decided to work with Sepa Gallery in Ankara. I have also attended a mix exhibition with the well respected artists of this gallery. I have also started to work with Malta's on of the most prestigious gallery Lily Agius Gallery where you can now find my Malta paintings.

 My work "Istanbul Avenue" is published on the cover of "Oriental Watercolor" 

December 2014

"Oriental Watercolor" has been published in China as a book that researches on the eastern watercolor art. Around 700 artist`s works takes place in this book from all around the world. What made me extremely happy is that my work takes place on the spine of the book, out of very precious artists all around the world.​

My artworks printed on the Bigpoint watercolor boxes


Nowadays, you might spot some of my artworks on your short trip to a stationary shop. Bigpoint watercolors printed my artworks on their watercolor boxes. For the first time in the watercolor history of Turkey, an artist`s works took place on the cover of the watercolor boxes of a brand in Turkey which was very gratifying.

2nd International Thessaloniki Watercolor Biennial 

15 Sept- 2014 - 05 Oct. 2014

I have been invited to 2nd Thessaloniki Watercolor international in Greece. I have painted the beautiful White Tower in Thessaloniki. A Greek art collector put this piece in his collection. My artist friend George Politis organized this beautiful event.

St.Petersburg Art Bridge 7.International watercolor biennial

05-10-2013 --- 15-11-2013 


I have been invited to St. Petersburg Art bridge 7th international watercolor biennia in Russia. Russian artist Konstantin Sterkov organized the event where he invited the leading watercolor artist of our time from all around the world.  I have attended this exhibition with my artwork named "Dock's of Baku"

USA - Pennsylvania Watercolor Society's 34th annual juried exhibition

05-10-2013 --- 15-11-2013 


I have attended one of the most prestigious watercolor societies, PAWS, 34th annual exhibition. My "İstiklal Avenue" was one of the 120 exhibited works out of 600 which was very satisfying. You can enjoy this beautiful exhibition at Crary Art Gallery between 5/10/2013 and 15/11/2013.

Azerbaijan international art exhibition

05-19 May 2013

I have been invited to the international art exhibition that took place in Gabala, Azerbaijan. Gabala international art exhibition had the purpose of celebrating The Unforgettable National leader of Azerbaijan, Haydar Aliyev`s 90th birthday. The organizers did an amazing job and worked very hard for a year to bring the most successful artists in their respected styles from all around the world. The theme of the exhibition was the "Melody of Portraits" where I have attended with two of my artworks. The organizing comittee bought both of my paintings for their own collection which was honourary.

My personal exhibition attracted quite a crowd

02-12 November 2012

Bandirma Municipality Culture and Art Center hosted my personal art exhibion. Despite the heavy rain, locals were very interested in the grand opening. 42 of my artworks that I have painted between 2009 - 2012 were presented for the locals. In this photo you can see the Mayor of Bandirma City  " Sedat Peker " honoring me with presenting me a plaquet for my efforts of transforming Bandirma into a city of art. 
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